Environmental policy

MingShin is committed to conducting business in a high standard of ethics, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. This commitment is aligned with our corporate goals and is critical to continued business success.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

MingShin is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment and processes to protect our employees from work injuries and occupational diseases, while also working in an environmentally responsible manner.

ISO 14001 and environmental, health and safety management systems

Our entire MingShin company operates under the Environment, Health and Safety Management System, which is ISO 14001 certified.

RoHS Requirements

RoHS (Hazardous Substances Limitation) compliance refers to products (and wastes) that contain a minimum limit of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent omium, PBBs, PBDEs.

RoHS compliance reduces the likelihood of exposure to hazardous substances throughout the product chain from manufacturing employees to consumers.

Product environmental management

MingShin is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products and packaging. We are committed to complying with the applicability regulations of product-restricted substances.